My Blog Life

Hi, and welcome to my blog page!  I will be blogging about a variety of topics, so to make browsing easier, I have separated the blog into various categories. You’ll find these categories under the “My Blog” portion of the main menu and also on the footer of the website.

“Mom Life” (and its sub categories) are posts about life as a mom. These may be funny, whimsical, sappy, frustrations, heartache, and everything in between that comes along with being a mom.

“School Life” includes all things related to my life as an assistant principal. There are some subcategories here, so be sure to check those out as well.

“Kind Life” posts are my efforts to becoming a more kind person myself and also spreading kindness to our youth and across the interwebs.

“Quote Life” – I love a good quotation. Sometimes I’ll want to write about it. You’ll find those posts under this category.

I hope you enjoy at least one portion of my blog! Thank you so much for visiting, please come back again!


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